Sunday, July 13, 2014

So Far, So Great

Well, the kids have recovered from their sickness, and the sleepover was a lot of fun. We had everyone over for fried chicken and sushi, and then continued the party after everyone had gone. We took Penny outside and captured dozens of fireflies in a jar. Charlie made really funny faces and had us laughing. We came back inside and made cookies....I watched because if I helped, I'd eat some, and I can't because I'm watching my skin. (betcha haven't heard that one before!) So I sat in the other room and spread peanut butter on ritz crackers with a little bit of marshmallow and pretended that that was really what I wanted. Not a stupid cookie that smelled like heaven on earth. Stupidcookie.

After that we made a little pizza and put the littlest littles to bed. Once they were tucked in, we made crazy videos on my laptop. Penny is so much fun--she reminds me a lot of my 6-year-old-self. I was always happy and always loved being silly and making people laugh; I'm proud this gene carried through (: 

I really feel like we have gotten closer over that last few months. I don't know what it is, but I always sensed a special bond between godparents and their godchildren. I have always felt super close to my godparents. My godfather, Kaboo, was my homeschool teacher for crying out loud! I got to spend time with him every single day. I don't get to spend as much time with my godmother, but every time I see her I feel that bond---that 'knowledge' that she understands me more than other people do. I love her with my whole heart. You all already know how I feel about Kaboo (:

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is I really feel blessed to have this opportunity in my life--I get to spend time with my goddaughter and her siblings four days a week. From the time each one was born, I always hoped I'd get a chance to get close to them, and be a part of their little lives. It's amazing, when you realize, that, dreams really do come true. 

The next dream-come-true is only 2 1/2 hours away! I get to go to Cape May with my best friend's family. I am so excited. We get to stay in the same place we did last year and I am so glad! It's beautiful in Cape May. It's so dreamy and charming! It totally makes you feel like you're in a movie. I can only imagine what adventures are in store (:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Can We Do It?

We arrive at "work" at 7:30am.

I'm exhausted. Cassie is exhausted.

I'm craving the chocolate chip cookies that Jess bought the other day, but crying on the inside because I know I can't have them. Why, you ask? Milk chocolate. Milk chocolate makes me breakout, and after several weeks of finally getting my skin under control with proper cleansers, medication and treatments, I promised my mom I wouldn't eat anything that would bring it all back...meaning, no chocolate chip cookies for Chloe. ):

My mom laughed when I asked if I could have one last night. "Sweetie! We just got your skin under control." we both laughed. She's allergic to all chocolate, so she relates. "I wish we BOTH could sit down and have chocolate together...but...we can't. And you can't because Cape May is right around the corner and you look amazing!" I nodded. Then, resting my head on her shoulder I sigh: "Why is it so hard to be beautiful?"

So, back to today. We stumble into the house. I have no makeup on. My hair is bothering me, and all I want to do is curl up on the floor and sleep. Jess fills us in on what's going on around the house since Cassie and I had off yesterday. "Charlie seems to be doing better today, but yesterday he woke up with a high fever and when I took him to the doctors, the doctor said he has strep throat. Theresa does too, and the doctor said eventually all the kids will probably get it." She kissed us goodbye and then hopped in the jeep with her husband and drove off to work. Cassie and I looked at one another.

Cassie looked pale. "S-st-strep throat?" she stuttered.
I slowly nodded as I slid to the ground, hands over my face. "Wwwwhhhyyyyyyyy."
"I am not getting this." said Cassie while she started creating a large pile of vitamins to take.
"--And we have to spend the night here on saturday." I remembered.

I texted my mom to see what else we could take so we don't get sick, and she responded:
"OH NO!!! YOU CAN'T STAY THERE SATURDAY!!! YOU CAN"T GET SICK FOR VACATION!" but then I text back and reminded her that Jess and Kevin have a wedding to go to saturday and there is no one else available to help with the kids. She texted back - LOL.

"Sorry love, I panicked! I forgot about that. Text her back and tell her you'll be there." read mom's text.

I texted back, and laughed too. Mom gave me a list of things to take to help prevent us from getting sick. Cape May feels so close, yet so far away still. We leave Sunday. I am willing to keep myself on a healthy diet to stay alert and strong. I also did research and discovered that Pisces need to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, otherwise they begin to get too caught up in their heads about things and worry. I've already been there, so I know this is true. Pisces should watch sugary foods and drinks. They also need good sources of protein and plenty of water.

I am hoping Cassie and I make it to Cape May with NO signs of strep throat or any kind of sickness. I ask you all to keep your fingers crossed, and check in to hear more of the scoop.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Honesty, Clarity, Teamwork First...Kids Second

As I sit here and drink my coffee, in the secluded little farmhouse, I contemplate my life.
I started crafting gemstone garland; I thought it would be a cute way for people to get the healing benefits of the crystals in their homes while it gives a regular wall a beachy feel! I figured I'd try and sell them...not for very much, only $12 per 2 foot tall strand. I thought perhaps it would be a good way for me to make a little extra money.

I don't get paid for babysitting; it's hard for my sister and her husband right now while they are still figuring out how to get their feet on the ground with jobs and managing bills and so forth. I'm getting to experience real life situations at such an early age. I'm learning what it feels like to have no money,  work 9 hours, (10 hours now because my sister's car died) raise three kids with my best friend, and still try and figure out my own life in the meantime.

I haven't done a comic strip in a long time. My heart aches with guilt. I have become so keyed up worrying about being a good 'pretend parent' and trying to find ways to make money, that I lost track of setting aside time to do what always came first in my life...drawing. I'd devote any free time I had during my 9 hour shift to cleaning, organizing, cooking and doing laundry. I started taking on responsibilities that weren't mine, and stressing out about things I couldn't handle or control. I even started distancing myself from my friend, and instead of being a team...we started acting like one of those "married couples who lost touch". Kids came first before anything, even ourselves, and we started arguing about the stupidest of things. It wasn't until recently both of us couldn't take it anymore. I exploded from having short nerves and lack of sleep and she fired back due to feeling misunderstood and exhaustion.

We called each other out on things that bothered us most about each other, and realized the reasons were our own faults....we weren't spending time as best friends anymore...we lost touch of how we felt about things and didn't make an effort to get each other's point of view. I assumed she didn't understand anything I was talking about, and she was confused because I'd never finish a thought. We were allowing other people's stresses come between us. This realization came to us last night. We admitted to painful truths about ourselves, faced them, and apologized. We talked about everything, and let each other talk for long periods of time. No filters. No beating around the bush. Pure honesty. We made a promise to one another to never let money, stress, kids or fears for the future ever come between us again. If we should be concerned, we work it out together. No more mind games or short nerves. Getting annoyed with each other only leaves room for worse things to happen.

We love kids very much, but they aren't our kids...and even when each of us get married one day and have kids of our own, we have to remember that kids do not rule our lives. BG always taught my mom that. Some of you may think, "no no no kids ALWAYS come first!" well, yes you love them and its nice you put them first, but the only reason those kids came into this world was because of the union between you, your spouse, and God's blessing. The power is in the parents' hands. Marriage is about the husband and wife. The Male and Female. Marriage isn't about children. Kids are like a happy bonus you get for loving each other (: but they shouldn't be you're ONLY focus. You should focus on maintaining that personal bond you have with your spouse, and remembering the reasons why you love them and why you made the decision to be with them forever. Married life can still be a fairytale if you let it. If you lose that spark between you and your special someone, you've lost hope in your fairytale. Don't lose that spark. If it starts to fade, get it back!

Now, Cassie and I are not a married couple (so don't get any wild ideas hahaha) we are sisters. We are best friends who love each other very much. We laugh because when we say we act like a married couple, we mean we can finally understand what that feels like. But we do work as a great team, and we did lose a sort of "spark" for a short time because, again, we let things interfere and we weren't handling it the way we were supposed to. But now we know, and our friendship couldn't be any stronger. We decided to let go and not worry about the things we can't control or handle,  and the things we can we do together as a team.

So, in life, sometimes when you may find yourself in a similar situation with a best friend or significant other, remember these three things:

Honesty, clarity, teamwork.

Always be honest with each other. Share your feelings. Listen to each others thoughts. If something is bothering you, talk about it. Don't keep things from each other.

Speak clearly so that the person you are talking to can understand you. Let them get on the same page so they know where you're coming from. Don't just play mental games or throw hints. A lot of people don't get hints.

Be a team. Work together in everything. Do everything! Happiness is limitless and when you have someone to experience it with, you feel complete. Don't become two strangers living under the same roof.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Beautiful Whirlwind

Life has been a beautiful whirlwind lately.
Being 20 has already taught me so much. As a young woman, now, I'm learning a lot more about responsibility; the little ones have helped me in this learning process. I've been babysitting four days a week for just about a year now. Time flew by so quickly, though things seem a bit easier now that I have a clearer understanding of my role in the children's lives. My friend and I have accomplished a lot in 1 year. We taught Charlie how to talk and got him potty trained. We are teaching them how to say please and thank you, and how no matter what---tired or not tired--a little prince and princess MUST be happy at all times, and mustn't get mean or not want to share. They've been amazing. The only thing is they haven't really gotten the picture that they have to be this good with their parents too. Hahaha, oh well. (:

My friend and I have been teaching them about various types of minerals and gemstones; what they are and what they do. They LOVE them! I am still amazed at how my goddaughter, Penny, is able to remember and recite perfectly clear the name Labradorite.

I've been burning incense in the house and exposing them to various types of music from around the world. I want them to learn all about different cultures. I believe that it's important for them to know about those things because that was the kind of thing I was exposed to as a kid--and I loved it!

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Hasn't seemed like a strange week?

Lately I feel as though my mind has been on the brink of spiraling--and I haven't a clue why.
Could it be stress? Maybe.
Could it be worry? Possibly.
It could very well just be 10 hours of babysitting for four days a week, for almost a year, catching up. It doesn't seem like a lot when you're in it, but after a little bit it starts to wear you down, without you even realizing it. This lifestyle makes me really appreciate moms. I think I know how they feel just in those short 10 hours, but I actually don't because a typical mom works FULL TIME! I'm not up with the kids during the night, but moms are.

But though I'm not really a mom, I understand them better.
I appreciate and admire them more than ever before.
There's a lot more to parenting than a typical 20-year-old would think.

When you're raising a child, you're not just feeding them and playing with them all day; you're shaping their character and helping them to grow each day.
We don't always appreciate what our parents do for us (that's because we usually expect them to do more), but the truth is, we're they're kids. The love between parents under God brought us into this world, and we expect them to do more for us? Are we that selfish? We should be doing everything we can for THEM. Our moms went through painful labor to have us. We forget that sometimes when we argue with them, or get mad if they don't let us do what we think we should do. We forget that they had lives before they had us...that they do everything they can out of selfless love to take care of us.
We forget that they need a break sometimes too.
Moms are humans just like us, we may sometimes forget that because of how incredible they are. They may appear like Wonder Women, but every hero needs help sometimes, or if anything a thank you...or better I Love You.

Because of my busy schedule, I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with my mom. It's hard because I miss her, but I also know that what I'm doing, (taking care of my oldest sister and her family) is helping my mom so she doesn't have to worry about, if this is a way I can show my mom how much I appreciate everything she's ever done for me, and put into practice everything she has ever taught me, than I will do so proudly...even if it means getting a little stressed here and there, or whatever. If she's happy, then I"M Happy.

And doing something out of selfless love makes GOD happy, so it's like a triple win.

Do something selfless today. Show someone close to you how much you care and appreciate them.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Really? New Age?

What an incredibly unusual Lent.

One discovers so much about…everything. And Everyone.

I understand that there has been some confusion about my blog posts regarding "crystals" and "gemstones." Apparently, I'm considered to be into "New Age". Apparently, I am accused of believing in crystals and magic. Apparently, I'm pagan. 

I find that to be incredibly ridiculous, especially coming from people who do not even know me. People are always quick to judge, aren't they? Especially on things they don't understand.
People will always see things the way they want to see them, not necessarily how they're supposed to see them or understand them. Take for instance, gemstones.

I'm sorry, but gemstones are a part of this earth, aren't they? and God CREATED everything on Earth and Earth itself, right? And I believe, any "die-hard theologian" would know that IN THE BIBLE gemstones and crystals were used as a way of communicating with God.

Perhaps you've forgotten about the tablets containing the 10 Commandments. According to the Bible, God inscribed the Commandments for Moses on LAPIS LAZULI, which, hate-to-break-it-to-you, is in fact a gemstone.

And what about Aaron? Aaron…Aaron---OH YEAH. Aaron. The One Chosen By God to be the FIRST HIGH PRIEST OF THE ISRAELITES. Yeah. That guy? He wore a Sacred Breastplate. And guess what. That had gemstones on it. *GASP* Don't believe me?

From the Bible story, it seems that the Ark of the Covenant was only part of what was necessary to summon the power of the Ten Commandment tablets.  Twelve sacred stones were also used.  According to the Old Testament, God told Moses how to make the Ark and gave him divine instructions for its use.  It could only be carried by the priesthood and, beside Moses, the only person who could actually use it was the high priest Aaron and his successors.  For reasons that are not explained, the power of the Ark could only be summoned if the high priest wore a sacred breastplate, usually referred to as the Breastplate of Judgment.  It is described in detail in Exodus 28:15-30 as a square design made from twined golden linen and set with twelve precious stones in four rows:
The first row shall be a sardius, a topaz, and a carbuncle… the second row shall be an emerald, a sapphire, and a diamond… the third row shall be a ligure, an agate, and an amethyst… the fourth row a beryl, and an onyx, and a jasper.

Gee, that seems pretty accurate, right? 

Familiar with the names Urim and Thummim? Yeah. they are gemstones also. And they were used by High Priests to communicate with God. Perhaps the Judging Human just didn't have enough to back up his argument. Perhaps they just don't like all that's taking place in current times and were looking for a good excuse to call my research baloney. Perhaps it wasn't even about MY research, but about the work of one incredible lady. My Mom. Perhaps they were looking to make a fool out of everything she has been teaching everyone for so many years. 
Some people get confused or overwhelmed about things they don't understand. But once they give it some time to sink in, and they do a little research, they might discover how much all of the research makes sense with everything going on.
Judging someone, just because they took what they read out of context and didn't even bother to look it up themselves IN THE BIBLE to see it's FACTUAL ACCURACY, however, is wrong.
And, if that someone truly believes to know "SO MUCH MORE", then why hadn't they remembered BASIC INFORMATION ABOUT GEMSTONES GIVEN IN THE BIBLE? Ah. Because they didn't actually do their homework. Instead, they stand by whatever argument they can to prove someone wrong because "THEY JUST DON'T LIKE THE IDEA OF NOT KNOWING SOMETHING."

Second Accusation: Magic.

I believe the confused individual is referring to ALCHEMY. Yes, I do believe in Alchemy because it was ALCHEMY that JESUS used to TRANSFORM WATER AND WINE INTO HIS BODY AND BLOOD at the LAST SUPPER. (in case you forgot, Consecration is mentioned in the Bible. It's a pretty big deal.)

As for me?
What is my excuse?
My job is to gather information from all kinds of sources and discover the TRUTH in them.
I work with my mom and together we unveil and discover more facts about God in this Life.
I'm not saying you have to believe EVERYTHING we say. That is YOUR CHOICE. All I'm asking you is to save yourself from EMBARRASSMENT and not be so foolish to judge so QUICKLY on subjects you DO NOT UNDERSTAND or have NOT BEEN EDUCATED ON YET.

Summary: Gemstones are mentioned in the Bible. Look it up in Exodus. Jesus used Alchemy to transform water and wine into His Precious Body and Blood. 

If it's New Age then perhaps one should take off blinders and see it is a New Age. A New Age in so much more that we are discovering; more about God, what He gave Man, about Jesus, and all He taught. A New Age where  we are no longer limited to learning. Yes, there are bad ways of using such things, but we study God's way.

Oh, and PS; Gemstones are often used in jewelry, so if you don't want to be associated with NEW AGE you better not buy anything with pretty stones in it. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Adventures

Well, as you all may know…there is a website under construction. I am very excited about it and am putting all my effort into making it something special. I have very good feelings about what is to take place this year, and I think whatever will be will be something more wonderful than I could ever imagine. What can I say? I have high hopes.
isn't it just beautiful???

Other than that, things have been basically pretty…routine-oriented. I wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch tv with the fam, and then go to bed. Throughout the day I manage to get some drawing done, some journaling, and I also get to work on the site. I haven't published anything on the website yet, so no one will be able to see anything until I give the "go-ahead!"

But, saying that things are routine-oriented doesn't necessarily mean things are boring--why, just last night Cass and I went on a little late night adventure. There was this door that a neighbor up the street from our development had sitting out on their lawn against a tree with a sign that said "free". It was love at first sight, and I knew it had to come home with us…but we kept forgetting to pick it up the last two days…so, finally, on the third day (biblical, I know) Cass and I stopped for it after dinner. It was freezing outside, the door was heavy, and it stuck out of Cass's trunk by two inches. I gripped ahold of it so it wouldn't slide out the back, and my fingers began to crystalize and burn like fire from being exposed to such arctic weather conditions. We had to drive slow, because in our development we have a lot of pot holes, and if we weren't careful, the trunk could have bounced and crushed the door--or at least shattered the glass in it (glass becomes twice as breakable after being exposed to extreme drops of temperature, and constant pounding vibrations would not fail to break it.) So we slowly coasted into the development, not being able to see anything behind us, with this random door peeking out of the trunk. Oh, my is it beautiful, though! Rustic looking, a little weathered, it's absolutely perfect for something! We told no one about it except my mom, who absolutely fell in love with it also.

This morning was hilarious. My Uncle Bobby said he went out to get the paper and saw this mysterious door in the garage--with a free sign on it! He laughed so hard when I told him that belonged to Cass and I. He loved our story, and said it is a very nice door. It was this very morning my mom told me she was proud of our "good taste".

I have to be honest and say I felt this little bit of thrill when we were taking it last night. Though the sign specifically said free, it still felt strange to just be taking something off some stranger's yard…I felt like some kind of a trouble-maker…even though, no trouble was made. Every now and then the Good Lord gives me a chance to feel a little wild--without actually being wild. It's the little things that make life so exciting, my friends!