Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Really? New Age?

What an incredibly unusual Lent.

One discovers so much about…everything. And Everyone.

I understand that there has been some confusion about my blog posts regarding "crystals" and "gemstones." Apparently, I'm considered to be into "New Age". Apparently, I am accused of believing in crystals and magic. Apparently, I'm pagan. 

I find that to be incredibly ridiculous, especially coming from people who do not even know me. People are always quick to judge, aren't they? Especially on things they don't understand.
People will always see things the way they want to see them, not necessarily how they're supposed to see them or understand them. Take for instance, gemstones.

I'm sorry, but gemstones are a part of this earth, aren't they? and God CREATED everything on Earth and Earth itself, right? And I believe, any "die-hard theologian" would know that IN THE BIBLE gemstones and crystals were used as a way of communicating with God.

Perhaps you've forgotten about the tablets containing the 10 Commandments. According to the Bible, God inscribed the Commandments for Moses on LAPIS LAZULI, which, hate-to-break-it-to-you, is in fact a gemstone.

And what about Aaron? Aaron…Aaron---OH YEAH. Aaron. The One Chosen By God to be the FIRST HIGH PRIEST OF THE ISRAELITES. Yeah. That guy? He wore a Sacred Breastplate. And guess what. That had gemstones on it. *GASP* Don't believe me?

From the Bible story, it seems that the Ark of the Covenant was only part of what was necessary to summon the power of the Ten Commandment tablets.  Twelve sacred stones were also used.  According to the Old Testament, God told Moses how to make the Ark and gave him divine instructions for its use.  It could only be carried by the priesthood and, beside Moses, the only person who could actually use it was the high priest Aaron and his successors.  For reasons that are not explained, the power of the Ark could only be summoned if the high priest wore a sacred breastplate, usually referred to as the Breastplate of Judgment.  It is described in detail in Exodus 28:15-30 as a square design made from twined golden linen and set with twelve precious stones in four rows:
The first row shall be a sardius, a topaz, and a carbuncle… the second row shall be an emerald, a sapphire, and a diamond… the third row shall be a ligure, an agate, and an amethyst… the fourth row a beryl, and an onyx, and a jasper.

Gee, that seems pretty accurate, right? 

Familiar with the names Urim and Thummim? Yeah. they are gemstones also. And they were used by High Priests to communicate with God. Perhaps the Judging Human just didn't have enough to back up his argument. Perhaps they just don't like all that's taking place in current times and were looking for a good excuse to call my research baloney. Perhaps it wasn't even about MY research, but about the work of one incredible lady. My Mom. Perhaps they were looking to make a fool out of everything she has been teaching everyone for so many years. 
Some people get confused or overwhelmed about things they don't understand. But once they give it some time to sink in, and they do a little research, they might discover how much all of the research makes sense with everything going on.
Judging someone, just because they took what they read out of context and didn't even bother to look it up themselves IN THE BIBLE to see it's FACTUAL ACCURACY, however, is wrong.
And, if that someone truly believes to know "SO MUCH MORE", then why hadn't they remembered BASIC INFORMATION ABOUT GEMSTONES GIVEN IN THE BIBLE? Ah. Because they didn't actually do their homework. Instead, they stand by whatever argument they can to prove someone wrong because "THEY JUST DON'T LIKE THE IDEA OF NOT KNOWING SOMETHING."

Second Accusation: Magic.

I believe the confused individual is referring to ALCHEMY. Yes, I do believe in Alchemy because it was ALCHEMY that JESUS used to TRANSFORM WATER AND WINE INTO HIS BODY AND BLOOD at the LAST SUPPER. (in case you forgot, Consecration is mentioned in the Bible. It's a pretty big deal.)

As for me?
What is my excuse?
My job is to gather information from all kinds of sources and discover the TRUTH in them.
I work with my mom and together we unveil and discover more facts about God in this Life.
I'm not saying you have to believe EVERYTHING we say. That is YOUR CHOICE. All I'm asking you is to save yourself from EMBARRASSMENT and not be so foolish to judge so QUICKLY on subjects you DO NOT UNDERSTAND or have NOT BEEN EDUCATED ON YET.

Summary: Gemstones are mentioned in the Bible. Look it up in Exodus. Jesus used Alchemy to transform water and wine into His Precious Body and Blood. 

If it's New Age then perhaps one should take off blinders and see it is a New Age. A New Age in so much more that we are discovering; more about God, what He gave Man, about Jesus, and all He taught. A New Age where  we are no longer limited to learning. Yes, there are bad ways of using such things, but we study God's way.

Oh, and PS; Gemstones are often used in jewelry, so if you don't want to be associated with NEW AGE you better not buy anything with pretty stones in it. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Adventures

Well, as you all may know…there is a website under construction. I am very excited about it and am putting all my effort into making it something special. I have very good feelings about what is to take place this year, and I think whatever will be will be something more wonderful than I could ever imagine. What can I say? I have high hopes.
isn't it just beautiful???

Other than that, things have been basically pretty…routine-oriented. I wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch tv with the fam, and then go to bed. Throughout the day I manage to get some drawing done, some journaling, and I also get to work on the site. I haven't published anything on the website yet, so no one will be able to see anything until I give the "go-ahead!"

But, saying that things are routine-oriented doesn't necessarily mean things are boring--why, just last night Cass and I went on a little late night adventure. There was this door that a neighbor up the street from our development had sitting out on their lawn against a tree with a sign that said "free". It was love at first sight, and I knew it had to come home with us…but we kept forgetting to pick it up the last two days…so, finally, on the third day (biblical, I know) Cass and I stopped for it after dinner. It was freezing outside, the door was heavy, and it stuck out of Cass's trunk by two inches. I gripped ahold of it so it wouldn't slide out the back, and my fingers began to crystalize and burn like fire from being exposed to such arctic weather conditions. We had to drive slow, because in our development we have a lot of pot holes, and if we weren't careful, the trunk could have bounced and crushed the door--or at least shattered the glass in it (glass becomes twice as breakable after being exposed to extreme drops of temperature, and constant pounding vibrations would not fail to break it.) So we slowly coasted into the development, not being able to see anything behind us, with this random door peeking out of the trunk. Oh, my is it beautiful, though! Rustic looking, a little weathered, it's absolutely perfect for something! We told no one about it except my mom, who absolutely fell in love with it also.

This morning was hilarious. My Uncle Bobby said he went out to get the paper and saw this mysterious door in the garage--with a free sign on it! He laughed so hard when I told him that belonged to Cass and I. He loved our story, and said it is a very nice door. It was this very morning my mom told me she was proud of our "good taste".

I have to be honest and say I felt this little bit of thrill when we were taking it last night. Though the sign specifically said free, it still felt strange to just be taking something off some stranger's yard…I felt like some kind of a trouble-maker…even though, no trouble was made. Every now and then the Good Lord gives me a chance to feel a little wild--without actually being wild. It's the little things that make life so exciting, my friends!

Monday, January 13, 2014


It has been so long.
I don’t know whether to say hello or introduce myself. So much has happened within the last few months. It’s 2014 now; a whole new year; a whole new start…
a whole new life.

Have you made any resolutions? If so, are they creative and new or the same as previous years? This year I really tried to be creative. Not just in the “improvement” department, but the “wishful” department as well. I tried to be more specific and creative in choosing I desire for this year.

I can feel the magic in this year already. I’m catching subtle glimpses into a rather adventurous year. I see magic and excitement…and freedom. At the strike of midnight I felt something come over me…I felt a confidence…a splash of fearlessness…a craving for adventure. A madcap-craving, to be more specific. I desire to go out and do things…big things….and the most exciting part is that I know I will.

It’s not just a feeling, or a “wishful” way of thinking…it’s actually a knowing. I know that this year is going to be…well, electrifying. I can feel the spark…I can feel the heat of the flame. I have no other desire than to keep it burning, keep it going—full steam ahead. This knowing, it could be madness…it could be a little out of control…but it is the most exciting feeling I have ever experienced…and the best part is? I’m extremely happy.

I have no plans…but yet I know that that’s sort of taken care of for me. The Big Guy has already granted so many wonderful things, that I have no choice but to just get more and more excited about each coming day. I’m really into living in the moment. It’s not the year to be afraid to do the things you want to do. New Years gives people a chance to be who ever they want to be. If you are a timid person and you don’t want to be, than choose to be fearless. Don’t be afraid to do the things that make you happy. As long as they are good things, the type of things that will benefit you and make you happy (and spiritually healthy) then you should go head first into it!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What Happens Next?

Just last week I finished my first good journal… When I say "good", I'm talking about a happy, stress-free journal…not the typical ones where you just scribble down complaints and frustrations in. This last journal, is probably the first ever "happy ending" journal I have ever written. I received it as a gift on my 19th birthday, in March, and finished it last week, in December. That's also the quickest I have ever finished a journal. My life has evolved so much within the last few years. My 18th birthday was a milestone. It's so weird to process the fact that I'll be turning 20 this March. It's so weird to even write that down…like, that's actually going to happen. I am actually going to turn 20. Twenty. WHAT?!

I'll be turning 20 on the 20th of March; some call this double number day a Golden Year. I like the sound of that. I'm curious to see what takes place on that day. Currently, I'm sweating at the brow, trying as best I can to finish getting everything ready for Christmas. I'd say I'm prepared…but I'm not, actually. I only have two people left on my list of "People to Get Things For". I'm a bit stumped. I'm sort of at the point where purchases can't really be made…what can I say? We live in "hard times". So, I've decided to put my creative mind to work and start building from my heart. I will be dedicating the remaining days to an "arts and crafts" frenzy…but I'm going to put my all into it. (I'm not into just quickly putting things together to get it over with.) I'm into making things special.

This week has been quite unusual for me. Without a journal, I don't know how to express my thoughts. I don't know how to function without it. I've gotten used to writing again, more used to it than typing…and I've at last begun to really enjoy journaling without worrying I was ever jinxing anything. The journal I finished was one of the most enjoyable ones I have ever written. Going back and reading about all the adventures that took place within the last 9 1/2 months is such a happy thing for me. I feel like I've completed a book…or an extremely long chapter about my life…without that capability now I'm not quite sure what will happen next.

I have a couple blank journals lying around somewhere here in my room, but, you see I've become picky. I desire a specific kind..Deconstructed Notebooks  They have a flat spine so the pages don't curl while you write. I'm obsessed. I just finished the Be Filled With Joy.  I think they are amazing. I'm putting it on my Christmas list to Santa. I'd wait for my birthday, but I actually can't wait…

When you become so used to having some type of routine, and then suddenly you're out of that routine, it's really hard to figure out what you're gonna do next. But I don't have to worry about that. My life has become quite the adventure. I have recently just learned to expect the best and leave the rest up to God.

Saturday, November 30, 2013


Well, hello. 
It's been quite some time since I've written last. I apologize. I've been swallowed up by the ever-consuming lack of time. With three little ones depending on my presence during the week and the infatuating "high" or "rush" that seems to drape itself over us during the preparation of the upcoming holidays,  I can't help but try to keep track of the days. I've written posts about my nannying job and a few little nonsensical thoughts here and there, but those posts don't do the reality justice. In fact, I consider the very recent posts to be quite nonsensical on their own. Going over them I can't help but mentally ask myself "what the heck are you even writing about?" My portrayed thoughts seem vague and I can tell by reading the first few lines that I had lost interest in constructing the post; so much that I had just settled to ramble on for a length of time to make it look as though I wrote something worthwhile. But I failed. I received positive feedback for those posts, but something inside me began to haunt me...a said "you can do better."

I read through some of the oldest posts I've ever published here on this blog. They were silly enough to make me cringe. I even had the urge to completely delete everything and start anew. Eliminate writings of the past and begin a whole new series...perhaps a story.. 

I was in the process of checking off a large sum of posts to delete when all of a sudden a little pop-up appeared on my computer: you cannot delete more than 50 posts at a time.

I got so wrapped up in selecting which ones to terminate that I didn't realize how many I chose. 50. I was prepared to delete over 50 blog posts - those are 50 little nonsensical stories I had published about 6 1/2 years ago. I was seemingly prepared to just terminate 6 1/2 years of growth. Why? All because I was disgusted with my childlike way of thinking- my silly need to share the silliest of thoughts and feelings or adventures with the world...I didn't realize this was happening, but I was feeling embarrassment... I was embarrassed of how I used to be; how I used to write, how I used to act, how I used to think. I began to regret things from my past. Things that make no sense for me to regret now. I was forgetting the whole purpose of why I even have a blog-- perhaps the purpose was beyond my knowledge at the time I first constructed this blog, but I was infused with the knowledge just recently. I have this blog, not just to share stories with all of you, but to reveal something to myself- a pattern of growth shall we call it. God gave me a blog so that I could have the opportunity to see how much I have grown and learned throughout those 6 1/2 years. 

You see, as humans it's totally normal to feel things such as embarrassment or regret. We all make choices in life, some are great and some are stupid. We experience all sorts of things, some beautiful and some...forgettable. We endure a lot in life, love, emotional development, loss and heartache. What we forget as humans is that those experiences, feelings or memories are important. If we hadn't had those, we would not be the people we are today. Of course, some people 'today' aren't as happy as they used to be. Perhaps some choices or experiences from years past have come back to haunt them. I understand this. I've experienced this recently. As of late I've been experiencing "triggers" (a trigger in this reference is a sudden flashback that takes place when a similar situation -though under different circumstances- takes place in current times). These triggers are flashbacks to anything traumatizing or frightening, but can be a little... Uncomfortable. 

"Think of it as--- Sally went to this diner and ordered shrimp. The shrimp was gross, Sally got sick and vowed to never go back. Years later Sally was told to try this new diner down the street. Someone she went with ordered shrimp and had her taste it. She immediately remembered her past experience with shrimp and got afraid to try it because she was assuming it was going to turn out the same way it did years ago. Her friend told her to just try it. She did, and it ended up tasting delicious and became her favorite dish from then on out."

We have all experienced "bad shrimp" in our lives. But just because we had one bad experience with it (perhaps it was enough to shake us up and cause us to completely lose all hope in ever liking seafood again) doesn't mean we should never try it again...even if it's just a taste. The reference I'm making to "bad shrimp" isn't about one thing in particular. The bad shrimp could be any uncomfortable memory or regret that ever crosses your mind. 

I'm fascinated by the mind-- I'm fascinated at how much it stores-- how much it continues to log away without the rest of it realizing it. It's easy to block things out, but what we forget is that there will always be triggers out there subtly reminding us of the things we try to forget. Instead of looking at these triggers negatively, use them as a positive opportunity to move on.

Face the fears you have of repeating an uncomfortable situation by changing it. Look at these triggers as a doorway into the past, and you now have an opportunity to go back in time and change whatever it was you tried to forget and make it something worth remembering. 

You'll notice too that usually what triggers a memory is a similarity to something that already happened, except it's happening under different circumstances and in current times...making it familiar but not the same. Look at it like God is showing you a comparison. What "was" to what "could be."

Did you ever find yourself saying, "if I ever had the chance to go back in time, I'd change ----"? Well those little triggers are your chance to change whatever it was that you wanted to change. 

The other day my mom spoke wisdom without even realizing it. I had an experience that triggered a memory that I had from several years ago. It made me feel like I was about to relive something I didn't want to relive, so internally I began to panic. My mom took me to the movies, not knowing I was mentally struggling with a trigger to something, and asked if I wanted popcorn. "I JUST put gum in my mouth" I said with a laugh.

"You always use gum as an excuse not to live!" She joked. I stopped for a moment. "What was that you said?"

"You're missing out! You're not living! You're not experiencing the whole experience of 'going to the movies' if you don't have popcorn! What's the point, then?" She said, laughing.

I felt my eyes widen. The fear of the trigger suddenly vanished. She was right. My "gum" excuse or "memories of the past" were keeping me from "living". I wasn't experiencing the experience of going to the movies because I was caught up in the fact that "I just put a piece of gum in my mouth" - so what? Is gum worth skipping popcorn for? Heck no! 

Are memories worth cringing over? Heck no! That's just another waste of time. If you are given a trigger, don't be afraid of reliving something in your past. Be a little daring, do something unexpected of yourself. Spit the gum out! Eat the popcorn! Start living. If something triggers a familiar situation, throw it off by making it awesome. 

Perhaps you have a memory of borrowing someone's gloves but things between you and that person got awkward and you both separated. Suppose in current times you're put in a situation where you need to borrow someone else's gloves-- but the whole borrowing thing triggered your past memory and you were afraid to put the gloves on, because you feared repeating a similar situation would somehow jinx things and make things between you and the new someone awkward. That's a common thing people deal with. The best thing you could do is make it a "popcorn" moment and put the gloves on. God gave you a chance to remember something that you once told Him you wished you could change, and now He's giving you that opportunity. 

There's a quote from one of my favorite movies called A Cinderella Story that I believe to be most appropriate ending of this blogpost:

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Then and Now

Tonight I have been lounging on my bed, scrolling through old -- and I mean old blog posts. Blog posts that date back to 2008. I'm "laughing out loud" because going back and reading how different my life is now from then. My circle of friends have changed, some have moved on and sought out different things in life, some lost touch, but the dearest have remained. God has led me to see who I am supposed to be close to. He has taught me many things in my spry 19 years, and through His teachings I have experienced many different types of things. I've studied people; I've learned more about how each person's life is an incredible story, whether beautiful, dangerous or tragic, it is still a story--and an excellent one at that-- I mean let's face it, when we think of "excellent stories" we think of "happily ever after" but some books aren't written that way…but aside from how the "book" ends, it is still considered a story, right?

I consider my life, or "book" to be excellent on the happy term. I have experienced my fair share of failures but to be quite honest, my life wouldn't be so excellent if I hadn't experienced what it is to fail, so that I would be able to relish the feeling of accomplishment when I come to it! And what about Zest? I am speaking about the zest in life that makes it exciting! Zest could be anything! It could be a spontaneous adventure, a new house, the decision to face fears, an unexpected romance, cupcakes! ANYTHING. Zest could be a word to describe whatever makes life exciting (to you). I have had plenty of zest in my life, and like squeezing a citrus fruit it just keeps continuing to spew out around me!

My zest has been…a lot of unexpected things: My nannying job, which I absolutely love. My current obsession with crushed red peppers (I have done research on their health benefits and I have been "all about them" since. I add it to everything…they even put it in chocolate!!) My fascination with human emotion. The chakras! I love learning about the chakras and how to activate them though gemstones and foods, (if you don't know what a chakra is look it up! It's riveting.)

I have been discovering some type of zest in everything; places I go, things I do, people I see. It's all very exciting. Even on bad days I could still turn it around by stumbling upon even the smallest fragment of zest.

This zest I feel inside, this excitement, it isn't something I could truly explain. A billion thoughts are racing through my head and all I could really do is just start dancing and laughing wildly. Perhaps it's the zest of knowing who I am and being totally comfortable and content? Perhaps I'm drunk on life and all it has to offer and I have been struggling to keep this excitement, this happiness, under control like a shaken champagne bottle. As of late I have been sorting through things; finding old pictures and deciding which ones to keep and which ones to toss. I don't have many hardcopies of photos, since most of my photos are taken digitally, but the ones I do have hardcopies of I consider to be…well…sort of vintage. Going through old blog posts I see where I have matured and where I remain the same. Appearance-wise, I have changed drastically. I know longer sport bushy eye-brows and poorly applied eyeliner. Blogging-style-wise, I have also changed drastically. I went from just randomly posting nonsensical thoughts, to stopping to think and plan out everything I'd like to write about.

My closest friends have said I've taken on a Shakespearean style of writing over the course of the last few years. This makes me laugh. Personality-wise, I'm still the same Chloe. (:

I've discovered more about my personality, though. I've accepted a lot of things now about myself that I didn't know before, or perhaps didn't want to know until now. I have fears just like everyone else. I worry, I think too much, I can be stubborn at times, if I think I'm right about something I believe everyone should think so, too (LOL) and yes, I, Chloe Lukas, panic if I think I ever made some type of mistake. But that's who I am. I'm not perfect, and though sometimes I try to be, I know that's not who I am. Years ago I would deny that I'd get stubborn, or would keep a lot of my thoughts or worries bottled up. The whole "panicking over little mistakes" thing has actually never changed….this is something that has carried on since early childhood. I just have a phobia of doing something wrong, so if I ever think I did, I sort of…flail. (to understand the image I'm putting behind the word flail when I mention it here, imagine a duck, flapping it's wings so hard and so fast that feathers are flying wildly, and it's quacking uncontrollably…That's how I feel when I say I'm flailing.)

I believe life can be so exciting and so excellent for anyone. If you want it to be so, you can make it happen by believing in yourself. Think of all the things one gets to absorb and learn in a lifetime! Think of all the things they get to see, the music they get to hear, the people they get to meet. When you believe in happiness, happy things will come your way. Likewise for negative things, so be careful not to let your mind wander down paths you won't be able to return from.

I don't think I'd want to change anything that has happened in my life. Sure, I mean there are times when I wish I could, but come to think of it, everything that I have learned and experienced in my past has led me to this particular future. God took me by the hand and allowed me to absorb knowledge of all kinds of things. He has been extremely gracious to me, and still continues to be so everyday. I have much to thank Him for, but first and foremost I have to thank Him for His love. It has always been there for me, my whole life. Through my past, into current times, and flowing towards the future, it never, ever fades. How excellent is that?? A Love so strong, so powerful, that it has not changed then or now, but has only grown more strong as time goes on. That's quite a zest in itself.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Trust Your Heart

As of late I have been taking the role of “Temporary Parent” very seriously. Together my best friend and I have mastered the art of changing multiple diapers, providing sufficient snacks, meals and distributing cups of milk, while also maintaining a clean environment and preparing little treats for the Mr. & Mrs.

The kids are on a successful schedule. Theresa takes a nap at 10, wakes up 1 or two times for a refill on milk and a fresh diaper. Charlie falls asleep around 12ish and is usually out until 2. Penny is usually at school, except for the last couple days due to a double-ear infection (poor thing). I’m manning the deck solo today and tomorrow because Cass has work every other Thursday and Friday.

I really love this job. I love taking care of the kids, I love making them laugh and watching them enjoy themselves. I love alleviating the parents from worries or stresses of the world by setting up a romantic dinner, or having Cass set up their bedroom like a King & Queen’s. By the time they come home, all they have to do is eat, relax, and enjoy the time with their precious little gems.

I don’t have to wake up as early anymore—my brother-in-law now goes in for work around 10, so I don’t have to arrive at the house until 9:30.  I sort of miss my early morning excursion, though—I miss the sunshine peering through the tops of the brightly colored autumn trees, the steam rising above the river, the splendidness of scenery everywhere I look. There’s just something about approaching the bridge I cross and noticing the sun beginning to spread over the vast mountains in the background. The beauty of a morning is enough to melt one’s heart. Driving through fairytale paintings and all this time spent with children has left my heart nothing but melted….and I love it.

I realize I haven’t really been able to pump out blog posts as often as I’d like…I’m sort of limited with time, and with the time that I do have I’ve been using it to spend time with family members I don’t get to see as much and also catch up on drawing. I bring my drawing tablet with me, but I don’t always have a chance to-again, pump out as many as I’d like. I can’t stand falling behind, so I’ve been trying to draw extra cartoons so that in any case I wouldn’t have the time to draw one, I’d already be caught up. This is more easily said than done, but it’s all worth it.

The children have been giving me countless inspiration for humorous adventures for my characters. I love sitting quietly and just watching the kids do their own thing. Their personalities are precious, and really when it comes down to it, they are just tiny little humans who just really want to love. And they do. They love everything.

I’ve been studying the heart, not through papers or by world-provided information, but by closing my eyes and examining it. I’ve been paying attention to the things I’ve been feeling, the things I’ve been seeing. I’ve been seeing the things I’ve been feeling inside everywhere I look. I’ve come to realize it is like a type of sunshine. You know how your skin feels when you are laying outside in the sun? You know the familiar warmth? That is how my heart feels on a regular basis. Some days are stronger than others, just like the sun. Sometimes it gets a little cloudy, but it is always warm…even if it rains. The heart is very important, not just for physical function purposes, but for making choices or decisions in life. Sometimes it’s not all about logic and facts. It’s just about the knowing of what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s good and what’s bad, etc. Sometimes when you are in a situation where you don’t know what to do, the best thing to do is just trust your heart. I’ve been doing that for quite some time, and haven’t had a genuine worry in a long time, because I know my intentions are good and my heart is with God, so I trust He leads me in the direction I’m supposed to go in.  People like to talk about reality and say that there’s no point to listening to your heart because the world is based on logic and facts and negativity—well, guess what. I don’t live in reality. I live in my own little happy place where everyone is happy, God is the central focus in everything, and love has captivated the entire world. It’s beautiful, and it is more real to me than the “reality” we live in today.

What’s the point of living in an unhappy world? I’d rather enjoy my life, so I choose to live in the world I created in my imagination. I learned that from the little kids I spend time with everyday. They live in their own little worlds and they are perfectly happy.