Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Ever find yourself in a state of humbling discouragement? It could very well be the most embarrassing amount of feelings all smushed together like a bowl of mashed potatoes, and you're forced to just sit in front of a mirror and hold the bowl...exposing these spiraling emotions in front of yourself---which is, if I do say so myself, the most horrid thing aside from exposing these emotions to other people.

Why am I on this subject, you ask? I find human reaction fascinating. I find people's reaction to not getting what they want fascinating. No, this isn't a personal attack on anyone-- I am merely speaking about my own opinions on this subject alone. 

So, why do I find human reaction so intriguing? I am fascinated by what methods they choose to react with under certain circumstances. For example, say-- you're tired. It's been a long day, and you're exhausted. However, you've been looking forward to going bowling with friends for weeks now. It's something you've been planning for some time and you haven't spent time with those friends in what feels like forever. Suddenly, you discover the bowling ring closed. In fact, it closed down...and you're not quite sure when it will be open again. This is when you find your eyes welling up with tears like they hadn't done since you were a child, and in this moment you couldn't believe something could be so unfair. You begin spiraling. Wondering if it's suddenly a sign from God and wondering what you could have done to cause Him to take away something that you wanted. Then you begin reflecting extremely, and begin telling yourself that you are selfish for ever questioning God and His reasons for everything---then you are calling yourself a fool! A BUFFOON! 

What's really going on you're not paying attention to; the fact that you are completely exhausted from the day, and the only reason why you're emotionally unstable is because your body is trying to tell you it's in desperate need for sleep. Your brain is only trying to unwind and do its job, but you see, normally you'd be asleep when your brain starts defragging itself; but because you're not asleep, instead of having weird dreams, you're experiencing weird thoughts...thoughts you normally wouldn't think of during the day. Thoughts that begin to make you question things you would normally never question.

They always say to never listen to the thoughts in your head at night---I totally agree. It's enough to make a complete mess out of yourself---and for no reason!

Sometimes, though, if you're lucky, the realization of the bowling ring closing sets in...and then you begin realizing that that outrageous meltdown you just experienced from discouragement was completely unnecessary...and a bit embarrassing. Especially because you let one frustrating thing turn into an entire life reflection where you began pointing out to yourself every time you failed at SOMETHING. You realize that taking a deep breath and getting a little oxygen into your body helped clear your vision so you could read on the sign of the bowling ring door "Under-construction: Open In Two Weeks".

Then you laugh. You are not a fool...you are just tired. It all makes sense now. You were exhausted, mentally overloaded from the day, and your body was only reacting in order to release itself from all these unstable emotions so that you could rest and feel refreshed the next day without a care in the world.

So,  I guess what I'm trying to say is, whenever you find yourself in a spiraling emotional borderline breakdown---get some rest. Chances are, the thoughts in your head aren't even true. It's not worth keeping yourself awake only to blame the fact that theres World Hunger on yourself. Take a deep breath, get some sleep, and guaranteed you'll feel better tomorrow.

Humans will react to things based on the circumstances or situations they are faced with. When a human is exhausted, hungry or feeble - their reaction won't entirely be their own...but simply a reaction of the body that has gone into survival mode. Under the right circumstances or situations, (say if the human has rested, eaten and taken care of itself) a human will react properly or as expected. If a human comes off as explosive in anyway, chances are its deprived. Take care of the humans. Take care of yourself.

Take a nap, drink some water, and take a moment to reflect on the current moment of stillness in your mind and realize that that is what's happening right now. Nothing. And that is perfectly fine. You can take that bowl of mashed potatoes and eat them too.